Hello planet maemo. Probably the people in nokia already know me; I joined the company few months ago. I am working on tracker, porting it to the device and improving the code with the help of some amazing hackers. We are working with upstream so i hope in the next releases you can notice some improvements 😀

I start my posts in english talking about the Guademy, the meeting between kde and gnome developers in Spain. I was in the last year edition and it was a very nice and friendly event. This year i am even giving a talk about metadata management in desktop. I intend to talk about what the metadata are, where are they hidden, how can we collect and use them, and all the problems we get in the way. After that i will talk a little bit about tracker, what we are doing in upstream and suggest some ideas for application developers. I would like to put across the considerable amount of new things that we can do on the desktop with a good and powerful metadata backend.

So, let see what happens. Tomorrow i will fly to Spain. I’ll feel at home speaking spanish 🙂