For me, the lightning talks are one of the best things in GUADECs. These 5-minutes presentations are very dynamic and you can get all the relevant information about the projects (what we have done, what we plan to do). The usual presentation is done by developers showing their code and prototypes, showing what has been done.

On the other hand, there are a lot of people out there with brilliant ideas and they are not programmers. From the veterans (that can speak hours about their first Ipaq, the cool application they used in palm for whatever, how 6 years ago they were thinking of a device with a 4.2” screen connected via mobile phone to internet, etc.) to the newbies who bought a tablet to use it as…

So, what happens if we mix both things in a “lightning ideas” session? Presentations of 5 minutes about ideas and proposals. Using draws, notes, flash animations or even sketches by hand, you can show the world your radically new UI ideas, explain what you would like to see on the tablet (and how) or why you want to connect a flux capacitor to the tablet!

The next Maemo Summit looks like the proper place for this. Your idea will be heard by the relevant people to move it forward: other power users, enthusiastic programmers, and even the engineers working in the platform itself.

And hey! Your presentation will be online for the eternity. When in ten years time, all devices can read the mind of the user, instead your current “I’ve been saying that since 1989”, you will be able to say “I said that in 2008, September 19th, Maemo Summit Berlin!!”.

If you like the plan, drop a line in the wiki where we are starting to organize it up!

UPDATE from  Quim: “Lightning ideas are welcome now at Friday’s schedule. Just edit the wiki table adding yourself. The simplest lightning call for papers ever”