MussOrgsky is a music organizer (i.e a metadata editor) for maemo5 that allows the user to edit the basic information inside the music files.

In fremantle/maemo5 we have tracker to retrieve the information of the music files and make the life of Music Player developers easier. It is really cute to browser your music “by artist”  but in my case (and i guess i am not the only one) the metadata of my music files is far from perfect and unified (songs without title, without album, misspellings in artists names, no album art at all and so on). There are a lot of programs out there to fix this problem (e.g easytag) but they all require a PC, and i want to edit this stuff directly on the tablet!

So, here comes my pet project “MussOrgsky”: a small application to set the basic metadata of the music files (title, artist, album and album art) directly on the device.

This is the edition window (the main window can be seen here ):

Mussorgsky edition window

It is an python program that uses:

  • the new hildon widgets for maemo5 (there is a really helpful tutorial!)
  • tracker to query the availabe music data (or absence of it),
  • mutagen to write the information back into the files (i uploaded the package myself to extras-devel few days ago)
  • gstreamer to play the files (yes, there is a “play” button to help you to know what damn song “gtkpod0123123.mp3” is)
  • Some online search engines to retrieve the album art
  • It follows the media art storage spec (using Urho’s implementation), so UKMP, MAFW, and this editor share the same album art

You can find the source code in garage.maemo and the package to install in extras-devel. I have still some ideas pending to implement, but it should be usable. As usual, feedback is welcome!