Back in Helsinki, after a week in Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. This year it was great, and i enjoyed it a lot probably because i am more involved in the community.

It was a pretty active week, starting with my talk on Sunday in the cross-desktop track (slides). I explained there what did we do in tracker 0.6 , and what do we plan for tracker 0.7. This can be interesting for maemo-fans, as far as tracker 0.6.9x is the version available in Fremantle, and 0.7 is in the roadmap for Harmattan.

During the week, i was talking with some of the Zeitgeist project people. In few words, Zeitgeist will monitor and store the activity of the user, analyze it and extract relations between documents, applications, tags, etc. (E.G. “every time i edit doc1, i read webpage2”). Tracker has already the information about documents and applications, so instead of building their own database, they can set the “relations” directly into it. Zeitgeist is one of the hype projects now in GNOME and i am very happy to see Tracker participating in such an ambitious idea. [Note for hackers: if the things work fine, be ready to write a maemo UI for it!]

Taking advantage of the Akademy-GUADEC co-location, we (tracker team) also had an informal meeting with Sebastian Trueg, from the Nepomuk-KDE project. We are sharing ontologies and we agreed on how to distribute them and organize the documentation. The idea is to have a shared-desktop-ontologies package for all desktops and platforms with the nepomuk core ontologies, allowing applications to install extensions.

And finally after some parties and more talk with developers, i had another presentation in the Spanish GUADEC, explaining again tracker (slides in spanish), but this time showing the tools, code and examples.

I expect to see some results (i.e. more information into tracker from different apps) sooner than later. Stay tuned!