Travel sponsored by GNOME FoundationBack in Helsinki after attending last week, sponsored by GNOME Foundation, to the Encuentro Linux 2009 in Valparaiso, Chile. My original plan was to talk about Tracker in the dedicated GNOME Day; but from the very first day it was clear that the people was very curious about maemo5 and specially the n900, so i decided to talk more about this. I recognize that makes me feel very proud to show an N900 and hear a WOW and see amazed faces.

So, the first talk (in an informal event between organizers and speakers) was about the N900 and some Q&A about it and maemo5. The people were mainly linux enthusiast, so lots of good questions about how to develop on it and the technology involved.

The first of the official talks (during the GNOME day) was about maemo5, what is it, relation with the desktop and how to contribute. I explained also one of the coolest things in maemo (IMHO): all the extras-devel/extras-testing/extras process. Your pet-application (or not so pet when you spend hours and hours on it) can easily reach a lot of users in few clicks. Well, few clicks on your side, and few more on the community side.

The second and last talk was about Tracker. The usual introduction to the basic concepts, and a couple of demos. I was happy to show that using tracker you can get “The last blog post of the user who sent me this song”. Sounds like a lab example, but it mixes RSS, contacts, files and activity, and you can easily see a plugin in totem using this.

About the event itself, the audience was more on the university side of life and people using free software in their companies/work; so a lot of curiosity for new projects and general conversation about open source. There were some people looking for a place to contribute in GNOME; I gave them few hints how to do it via tracker (e.g. writing plugins to Eye of GNOME), so let see if we get fresh blood in the community.

Finally, i want to say thanks to the organizers there, from Encuentro Linux and GNOME Day. They made everything easy, treated me really great, showed me a little bit of Chile and made me feel really warmly welcome. Thanks, guys!