And here comes a new release of mussorgsky, with some features that should help you to have a even more beautiful Album view in your N900 media player:

  • By default mussorgsky uses “artist + album” to search online for the album art. Now it is possible to choose manually the search string to find better results:
  • Added the alternative to unset the album art, reverting it to the default icon
  • The list of songs can be filtered, switching between “all songs” or “songs with incomplete metadata”
  • Albums with special characters in their name (like ‘&’) are now handled correctly.

And few UI improvements here and there:

  • The buttons in the main screen have now shadows with rounded corners when clicked
  • The play, next, back buttons in the edit view come from the mediaplayer theme
  • When a song has no metadata at all, it is listed using its filename

It is already available in extras-devel, hope you enjoy it. And finally, thanks to Eric, Aapo and Claudio for their very valuable comments and help!