Here comes a new version of Mussorgsky, the metadata editor and album art downloader for maemo.

What is new?

  • Fixed bug #8912, crash editing some songs (thanks to the reporter and patient users)
  • Added support for internationalization (thanks to this tutorial and few bits of code from ReSiStance)
  • Translations to Spanish, French (Eric Le Roux), German (Marius Vollmer), Finnish (Kimmo Hämälainen), Galician (Xabier Calvar) and more to come…
  • Fixed the album art path calculation, now albums with special characters in the name are set correctly and appear in the media player
  • Support for WMA, OGG and FLAC (the merits go to mutagen).
  • A brand new cool icon, more maemo style, thanks to Urho Konttori:

Enjoy and as usual, feedback is welcome. We have a bugzilla component (under Extras/Mussorgsky) to report issues.

By the way, If you have a project in python and wonder how to add i18n, give a change to this wiki page: how to internationalize python apps in maemo; i tried to write there as clearly and simple as possible how to do it.