I guess neither Tomboy nor Tracker need much introduction. If you have both of them on your computer, you have probably wondered “why Tracker doesn’t index my Tomboy notes?”. Good point. You are not the only one thinking that;  somebody even opened a bug about it and here comes a solution.

It is a plugin for Tomboy (a NoteAddin in their terminology) that writes the information of the note into Tracker making it searchable on the desktop (E.G. using tracker-needle). The code is available in gitorious. Checkout, compile and install (you can use make install-data-local in src/ to install it on your $HOME). Well, you also need the latest tracker from GIT until we release 0.10.2 (soon) because i needed to add a “Note” class there.

The current status is “It works on my computer” but is safe to try because this plugin only exports data and never touches the original notes, so there is no risk of losing any information. Feedback is very welcome!