MeeGo still needs a lot of love in the repository business, or in plain words: how to get more programs to your MeeGo device. Things like the universe/multiverse of ubuntu or the “extras-devel/extras” of maemo: People package new software, put it there and everybody else can download it.

If I understand correctly what OBS does, it should be fairly easy. Create your OBS “area”, upload your package, try to build it against the different MeeGo versions and when it is ready publish the URL of your repository with the result [This is not trivial. Is it possible at all?]. Once the things are properly tested, promote that package to a common well-know repository and we all are happy.

That is not the situation now, but that didn’t stop the community to package some very useful software. You just need to dig in “underground” repositories. To save some browsing time for other users, here are my two favorite repositories:

  • Community repo with mplayer, xchat and gstreamer plugins (to play all those formats unsupported in the vanilla installation)
  • Madeo (arfoll) repo with XBMC, a great media center that works nicely in MeeGo… (it deservers its own post)

Other interesting software like Transmission is in the official repos, and MeeGo is a plain linux inside, so the official sopcast client for linux works just following their instructions.

More sources for packages are welcome as comments. Hope this helped.